Made with Italy

Quarantotto has workshops in Florence, Italy
and Japan
and combines the unique sensibility of a Japanese designer
with traditional Italian techniques
and reliable Japanese technology
Quarantotto calls this
Made with Italy.

In the workshop located near the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence,
Florentine carving and openworking
are carried out by skilled craftsmen
who devote their passion
to the daily creation of jewelry.

Florentine carving

Quarantotto jewelry uses
Florentine carving, a
traditional Italian technique dating back to the Renaissance

The unique carving knife is used to create
a variety of expressions, from powerful light to a silky
smooth luster.


Aika Fushimi
Aika Fushimi

Spent her childhood drawing freely and creating stories

While in college, she became interested in French tombstone sculpture
and studied its history.

Later, she focused on jewelry, painting and
creating stories.

In order to improve his skills
he went to Florence, Italy
and trained at a workshop specializing in engraving, stone setting, and design.

In 2006, he launched his brand
in Florence.


TED×Kobe As the first speaker


At Quarantot,
we have in-house gemologists who are
GIA GG (Gemological Institute of America Gemology Graduate)
certified by the world's leading gemological grading agency
All materials are
procured, inspected and sorted under strict standards.

→Gemologist 's Message

The standard quality of diamonds used is as follows:

(Some exceptions may apply for special colors and cuts

[ Diamond ]
Clarity IF-VVS
Color D-F (Colorless)
Cut 3EX H&C
(Heart & Cupid)

[ Micro Setting Model's Diamond ]
Clarity VVS-VS
Color D-F (Colorless)
Cut EX-Good

[ Brown Diamond ]
Clarity VVS-VS
Cut 3EX H&C
(Heart & Cupid)- Good