Gemologist's Message

Quarantotto jewelry has
three main features.

1, Storybook designs by AIKA FUSHIMI

2, Traditional craftsmanship by skilled artisans in Italy and Japan

3、Strong commitment to high quality materials

The beautiful and high quality jewelry produced by
encountering with wonderful materials will
fill the heart of the wearer,
enrich his/her daily life,
sometimes give him/her confidence and courage,
be a beacon, and
surely accompany him/her for a long time in his/her life.

I have had a personal experience
that made me realize the charm
of such jewelry.

One day, three years after Quarantotto opened

, my mother was taken by my father to visit the store in Kobe

She had always
been a very plain person, so the only thing she would wear was
a small brooch
that my father gave her as a souvenir of a business trip

However, my mother
never moved a single step from in front of the showcase

I asked her, "Is there any jewelry you are interested in?"
I asked her,
and she just stared at the showcase
and murmured one word
"It's really beautiful,"
she said.

My mother had been
in a trance for several years and was now in an institution.
She was so ill that she didn't even
recognize me as her son
at the time.

But when I saw my mother like that, I realized
that for women of any age, beautiful jewelry is
so attractive and
so touching to the senses.

And since that day,
the jewelry of Quarantotto, which is made of high quality materials,
always reminds me of the
girlish expression and the
lively sparkle behind her eyes
that my elderly mother showed to me for the first time

Through my work as a gemologist,
I hope to bring a little happiness
to those who wear Quarantotto jewelry
I could not be more

GIA GG (Graduate in Gemology, Gemological Institute of America)
Quarantot Gemologist
Daisuke Fuchida
Daisuke Fuchida