- point


[Lips talking]

~ Lips speak even when they are closed...

Sometimes words are necessary.
Sometimes words are not enough.

are not enough.


Clarity : VVS~VS
Color : D~F (Colorless)
Cut : EX~G
Carat : 1.688ct

Width : Min. 3.6mm, Max. 11.8mm,
Thickness : Min. 1.2mm, Max. 4.6mm

Not resizable

1 piece in stock.

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The fit and comfort of the ring will vary depending on the design of the ring, so we recommend that you have it measured at a store near you at

If you are unable to visit our store, we offer a free ring gauge rental service at

If you would like to measure by yourself, please refer to the following.

How to measure

Draw a line with a pen around the thickest part of the finger you wish to wear the ring on, and draw a line where the two overlapped fingers meet.

Measure between the lines to get the length around your finger
(inner circumference).

Please measure the inner diameter of your ring and check the corresponding size on the chart.


Ring gauge

Ring Gauge

Jewelry Box

Jewelry valued over 110,000 yen including tax will be placed in this box

Jewelry up to 110,000 yen including tax will be placed in this box


Paper Bag

Message Card

We can provide a message card with up to approximately 15 (Japanese) or 25 (alphabetical) characters per line. You can write your message on the Shipping & Payment page.